Spring is the season that helps me marvel. I am reminded of that each time I step out into the world and see the shocking, defiant beauty of daffodils asserting themselves against a dark brown carpet of withered grass, disintegrating leaves, and patches of bare ground. Continuing the brilliant crescendo of yellow, the forsythia broadcasts it’s wild, unruly, joyful presence with a gusto that is bursting with life affirming happiness. Marvelous! I am changed in the presence of such beauty.

May spring also be a time to marvel as I drink in the beauty of God.

The God who is even older than the universe and the debris of my leftover winter lawn.

The God who is all powerful and created my earth and formed the intricacy of a daffodil’s bulb and who marvels himself as it bursts into flower.

The God who who created the planets and placed them in their orbits and also allowed the forsythia its rampant freedom of bloom.

And to think that this God is my God!

My God because he first loved me.

My God because he prepared all the conditions for my emergence from the winter of separation and hibernation from all things holy and spiritual.

My God because he made me into a living, growing, thing of wonder, a child of his own.

My God because such miraculous transformation became possible because of his own grace, mercy and redemption.

My God because he came to me in my Jesus, my Christ.

I am changed in the presence of such a fusion of eternal life. May I never cease to drink in the beauty of the One who graced me. May I always marvel in awe and thankfulness before my Savior, whatever the season of the year, or the season of my life.

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