We like to join things. We join garden clubs and health clubs and the PTA and the AARP.  Americans are joiners. But we don’t join churches like people used to in the good old days.

Used to be everyone went to church. Now it’s different. We have become secularized. Or maybe a little bit lazy.

But those who really love Jesus are joining and supporting churches today. They are bucking the trend because they want to do God’s will.

Christians know their commitment is crucial to Christ’s work. They know their gifts are needed for the kingdom. They know that they are important to the Lord, and they are excited to use their gifts and talents for him.

Real Christians are ready to risk themselves in church relationships. They are willing to love other people in real and practical ways. They know it’s risky, because loving people invites hurt and disappointment. The only way to keep from getting hurt is not to love. But to stop loving is to stop living and growing. So being a disciple means making a commitment to others.

Followers of Christ join churches because they know their pocket book and billfold need to be committed to him. And they know the church needs their support. There’s no other organization on earth that has a more important mission and a worst way of financing it than the church.

And then real believers join a church because they know they need help in living Christianly. They know fellow members will help them and hold them accountable in living for Christ. And when this doesn’t happen, it probably means the whole church needs help in living Christianly. God is up to the task, if we are!

Finally Christians join a church just because it’s the right thing to do.

And what about you? What are you waiting for?

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